About us

Through their comprehensive know-how and years of experience the directors of Admiral Group AG have acquired a wealth of experience

  • advising companies, institutions and private persons in their function as investors in the residential and commercial construction sectors, planning, directing and managing domestic and international projects.
  • advising companies conducting trade with countries in the Middle East.


The range of services provided comprises the entire professional spectrum of technical, technological, economic and organisational questions pertaining to the investment and construction process.
The knowledge of systems, the detailed expertise, and the sum of
all experiences gained in project development, planning, financing, realizing, controlling and in facility management form the basis for practical economic concepts and solutions meeting the individual customer´s needs.


Admiral Group AG is a network of business individuals, who have spent up to thirty years both in the real estate business and in the export-import business.


Admiral Group AG conducts its Middle East activities through a cooperation agreement with Index Admiral Trade and Building Management FZE, located in Dubai. This cooperation agreement enables Admiral Group AG to perform trade in the Middle East, including complex and elaborate transactions.


Admiral Group AG has just bought an of


Admiral Group AG has moved into its new premises since 1 May 2008, after having remodelled the suite in a classical Middle East style uniting the interior decor with the architectural styles familiar to their current and potential partners in the Middle East. The office suite thus creates an atmosphere suitable for conducting business with Middle Eastern partners.